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Background in classical piano but also teaches  neoclassical piano, lounge, pop, rock etc.

Started piano lessons when 4 years old. Graduated from Vantaan Musiikkiopisto as a teenager - major in classical piano and minor in classical singing.   

Has been a piano teacher for over 15 years first as a hobby and now as a profession. Started composing in 2018.

Biggest musical influences as composer are The Piano album by Michael Nyman, Philip Glass,  preludes by Bach, soundscapes of Debussy and Yann Tiersen and French melancholy in general. 

"I grew up basically with my hands on the piano. I started taking lessons when I was 4 years old. Music is my core, part of my soul. With challenging times in life, I have always found myself sitting in my beige piano chair. I studied classical piano, but I fell in love with contemporary piano after seeing Jane Campion’s Piano, which features great music by Michael Nyman. That album revolutionized my relationship with playing.


However, I ended up on a rather complex career path that went from playing the piano to writing and eventually to a career of more than a decade in various sales and marketing roles. In the beginning of the fall 2018 I decided to jump off the squirrel wheel and create a certain kind of emptiness around me so that all my hidden gifts and passions could make room to emerge. I knew I wanted to live for beauty - to create beauty and experience beauty. I soon realized that I wanted to go back to my roots and after a long break I started teaching piano and thus supporting myself with music.


One day a friend of mine asked if I had ever tried to improvise or compose music myself. I hadn’t even thought about it, but I decided to try what would happen if I just put my hands on the piano keyboards and let go. And wow what happened! That improvisation session changed my life. I composed my first song Dance Of The Two Flames from that session and three other songs soon after. I don’t even remember composing those songs, they just literally came through me in a wonderful creative flow. Luckily, I recorded the sessions so I was able to write down the songs I played. Composing has also deepened my connection to music and all other forms of art and to life as art. "

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