Background in classical piano but also teaches  contemporary piano, lounge, pop, rock etc.

Started piano lessons when 4 years old. Graduated from Vantaan Musiikkiopisto as a teenager - major in classical piano and minor in classical singing.   

Has been a piano teacher for over 15 years first as a hobby and now as a profession. Started composing in 2018.

Biggest musical influences The Piano album by Michael Nyman, preludes by Bach, Debussy and French music for film. 

"I grew up basically with my hands on the piano. I loved to play. I was first inspired by my siblings and mother who also played and then later by pop stars, musical, movies etc. But when I saw the movie Piano with the music by Michael Nyman I experienced something I had never felt before. Nyman's music felt weirdly really familiar and yet it was something I had never heard or played before. I was totally obsessed. I loved the energy and ambiance of his music and I really felt like I travelled somewhere else when I played those songs.

After graduating from high school I derailed into a business school since I didn't believe I could live just by playing music. Long story short, I ended up working at different jobs from a  secretary to a journalist to a account director. It was a great journey and during that period I learned some of the greatest lessons of my life. But after almost driving into a wall because of too much stress I had to stop. Stop and re-evaluate what I was supposed to do with my life. Whenever I've found myself at the crossroads in life and don't know what to do I've always ended up sitting on my beige piano stool - so that's what I did. Soon I realized that sitting there was exactly was I was supposed to do - forever.


Soon amazing things started to happen. During a random  improvisation session I realized that there was amazing music coming through my hands that I had never heard before. That was my first composition ”Dance Of The Two Flames” and soon after that came ”Peeling The Onion” and ”Leap Of Faith I” and ”Leap Of Faith II”. Wild thing is that I don’t really remember composing those songs. The flow state I was at was so amazing and magical that it’s difficult to really explain it. In December 2018 I had my first studio recording session for my first four compositions and in January 2019 the songs were published in Spotify, Tidal, iTunes and Google Play etc. Miracles do happen."