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5 x 120min Mentoring Sessions

5 x 120min Mentoring Sessions


These 1:1 sessions are especially suitable for those who want to elevate their life to a next level on some area - or all areas - of their life. Everything affects everything so once you start working on one area, the other ones follow. That's how universe works: once you are aligned with your soul, everything starts to fall into place.  So whether you wish to activate your creativity or other hidden gifts, work on your spiritual growth, heal your relationship with yourself/your body/people around you, learn how to manifest your dream life, find peace of mind, release fears, open your intuitive gifts, clear your energy blocks etc - this is for you. The purpose of these sessions is to activate your own ability to tune into your own heart and soul, your own intuition since there is no one way to live a perfect life or one way to heal. In the end, you don't actually need anyone's guidance when you learn to get it yourself from your own soul. But until you get there, I'm here to help. My passion is to share everything I've learned and give practical tools that help people change their lives for the better. 

During our sessions you'll get to realize what kind of energy you are vibrating at the moment and what you are creating in your life based on that energy. You'll recognize if you have some energy blocks that are keeping you from manifesting your dreams or that are keeping you feeling stuck in life. To change your energy, thoughts and beliefs so it's really important that you are coming to this with open mind and heart.  
These sessions will awaken your intuition for sure since when you start working on yourself,  the magic that is inside of you will activate automatically. It's the law of the Universe. What you focus on, grows. I'm just here to help you remember and awaken those gifts.  My passion is to make your life and living in alignment as inspiring, fun and effortless as possible and give practical pure guidance that help you make aligned life choices and take steps towards your dream life. 


You can book a session by buying the suitable session/serial card at my online shop and then I'll contact you to set the suitable time. 


  • Info

    Receipt of this purchase will work as payment. Please write a name of the person that will be using the session in the "Info" field if it's not the same as the buyer of the session. Valid for 6 months. 

    Sessions that are canceled 24 hours before the lesson will in principle not be charged if the cancellations are not repeated.

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