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60min Intuitive Guidance

60min Intuitive Guidance


This Intuitive Guidance is for anyone who needs support or guidance in their lives related to different themes that they have not come up with an answer to themselves or feel stuck in a situation that they cannot seem to move forward from on their own. You can ask questions related to specific areas of life, such as relationships, work, health, fear, anxiety, self-worth issues, self-love challenges or anything else really. You will get a higher consciousness's perspective and a clear plan for the next practical steps that will lead you towards a solution/feeling better. There are no "useless/too insignificant/too mundane" etc. questions.  Exactly what you have on your heart is important to you and therefore meaningful. This Intuitive Guidance is not to predict the future or to  give straight-forward answers to your questions but to help you hear your own guidance more clearly and use that in your life more intentionally.   It is very important that you are willing to receive guidance with an open mind and an open heart, because change requires giving up old thought patterns and beliefs. 

Everything affects everything so once you start working on one area, the other ones follow. That's how universe works: once you are aligned with your soul, everything starts to fall into place.  

Through this Intuitive Guidance you will see what kind of energy you are vibrating at the moment and what you are attracting in your life based on that energy. You'll recognize if you have some energy blocks that are keeping you feeling stuck in life. To change your energy, thoughts and beliefs so it's really important that you are willing to really receive guidance.



You can book a this by buying the 15/30/ 60min session at my online shop and then I'll contact you to set the suitable time. 


Or you can message me and book a call or guidance by voice message. If you want quidance through voice message, you can send your question to me via voice message and I can then answer you with voice message as well. Both the question & the answer together form the total time of the session (for example: 10 min voice message from you providing the questions & 20min answer from me = 30min session). Payment via MobilePay before the session. 

More info: / 0400689089

  • Info

    Receipt of this purchase will work as payment. Please write a name of the person that will be using the session in the "Info" field if it's not the same as the buyer of the session. Valid for 6 months. 

    Calls that are canceled 24 hours before the lesson will in principle not be charged if the cancellations are not repeated.

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