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Piano Lesson 120min intensive

Piano Lesson 120min intensive


Piano Lesson


Receipt of this purchase will work as piano lesson card. Please write a name/names of the piano students that will be using the piano lesson card in the "Info" field if possible. Cards are valid for one year. 

  • Info

    I teach classical, neoclassical, pop, rock, music for film etc as well as accompaniment. I always make a personal learning plan with the student based on his/her interests and ambitions. I recommend weekly classes to support steady practising and learning but especially for adults it’s sometimes difficult to find the time so sometimes longer sessions every other week work actually better. If it feels too difficult to commit to a set time it’s also possible to book individual piano lessons. My work space is located in Kartanonkoski, Vantaa. Also video piano lessons are possible if necessary. You can start anytime along the year. 

     Lessons that are canceled 24 hours before the lesson will in principle not be charged if the cancellations are not repeated. Acute cases are considered separately. 

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