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Composer. Piano Teacher. Abstract Artist.

My next art exhibition will be held in lovely artsy, bohemian Aatos Cafe, Porvoo. Info about the opening party etc will be coming closer to the event. If you wish to get more info about the exhibition and other news, you can sign up for my e-mail list here via email or leave a message in the chat box.

Abstrakti Taide
Abstrakti Taide
Quietly Rearranging

To support, please follow, share, like my work on Instagram . I would love to know what you see in my paintings, how they make you feel, which painting is your favorite etc. <3 

Downloadable E-book (pdf) and paperback book in Finnish is now available for purchase. The books from the first edition are numbered and signed so they will be especially valuable. English paperback and e-book will also be published soon! 

Beginners' Piano Book

Check also the music sheets for my original neoclassical compositions.

Available at my online shop. 

Listen to my compositions and find all the Spotify playlist that include my compositions on my Spotify artist profile here or click the image below.

spotify playlists

Visit my Abstract Art Gallery to see the first six paintings from my new "Rebirth" series.


The series was born in the middle of a total personal metamorphosis. I didn't want to restrict my expression to only one technique so this series will be even more intuitive than the previous ones and will  include use of different painting techniques. Every painting is an essential part of my personal  growth process and holds powerful energy of transformation, manifestation and high frequencies. 

Whole New World
Abstrakti Taide

Also check the previous paintings. If you resonate with some of the paintings, you can book a visit (Vantaa, Finland) to see them live. Message me for visit requests, questions etc. 

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