Composer. Abstract Artist. Piano teacher.

You can now find all my piano & abstract art related offerings at the online shop: original abstract paintings, art postcards, new Tree Of Life Piano Roots - Piano Book For Beginners paperback & e-book (in Finnish for now, later also in English), original neoclassical music sheets and my compositions as mp3. 

You can also still see & purchase all the products at my workspace in Kartanonkoski as well.  If you are interested in seeing the abstract paintings live, message me and book a visit! 

Visit my Abstract Art gallery to see the first paintings from my new "Rebirth" series. Also check the previous paintings. If you resonate with some of the paintings, you can book a private atelier visit to see them live. Message me for visit requests, questions etc. 

The book is in Finnish for now but English e-book will also be published soon.

Downloadable E-book (pdf) and paperback book in Finnish is now available for purchase. The books from the first edition are numbered and signed so they will be especially valuable. English paperback and e-book will also be published soon!  

Check also the music sheets for my original neoclassical compositions. Available at the online store. 

Your can find the playlists in which my songs are included under my Spotify Artist Profile (press the "listen" button below) and also in my Instagram Highlights under the Spotify logo. 

To support, please listen, follow, share, like. And let me know which playlist is your favorite! 

The fall schedule is almost fully-booked so if you are interested in starting lessons, let me know and I'll try to arrange a lesson spot for you.

So if you feel inspired to start learning, email me! :) I teach students of all ages and levels and teach different styles - it's always a good time to start! :) 

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