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Indian Head Massage
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Indian Head Massage - Courses for Groups

Duration: 3-4 hours

Number of attendees: 6-20

Price: 100-150€ / person (depending on whether it is arranged in the custo
mer's own space or rented space; incl. vat)

For whom: Beauty and health care companies, groups of friends, hobby groups, Christmas parties, etc.

What else you might want to know: suitable for everyone and can be practiced anywhere. The massage is done over clothes and sitting, no equipment is needed other than ordinary chairs. Practice in pairs in a group, i.e. everyone learns how to do massage and also gets to enjoy massage during the course.

After the course, participants will receive a diploma for participating in the training and you can start offering Indian head massage services to your clients as well! And of course, head massage is one of the most valuable gifts you can give your loved ones❤ The emphasis of the course can be agreed according to the occasion, i.e. the focus can be more on the professional side or the event can be designed to be a more pampering relaxing moment for the attendees. 

Indian head massage (IHM) is a Hindu massage technique, tracing back to the ancient ways of Ayurvedic Indian health care. Used for thousands of years to improve overall health, this massage has become more and more prevalent in recent years.

Many European spas and holistic health clinics offer Indian head massage. The practice focuses on the parts of the body that are most prone to tension and stress: upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp, face. 

Indian head massage combines techniques to include various massage strokes and acupressure points. Through a variety of massage movements, Indian head massage also restores joint motion and aids in the condition and health of hair resulting in improved hair growth. IHM is used by massage therapists to increase mental clarity and rejuvenate the person receiving the massage. Although treatments include massage of the back, arms, shoulders and neck, head massage and face massage make up the main parts of the treatment. 


The massage therapist typically performs IHM through the clothes. As the technique is easy to apply over a blouse or shirt, Indian head massage is suitable for all the people and can be performed almost anywhere and requires less time than a body massage treatment, typically lasting about thirty to forty minutes. Therapeutic and relaxing, Indian head massage is effective in treatment of stress-related ailments like migraines and headaches.

The benefits of Indian head massage include that it helps release of toxins from tense and knotted muscles, and improves oxygen flow to the brain. It also reduces jaw ache, stimulates lymphatic drainage and aids sleep. By stimulating the release of endorphins IHM also aids in reducing stress and anxiety, and alleviating mental tiredness. The treatment is especially effective in relieving tightness around the neck and shoulders.

I'm a trained massage therapist and also Indian Head Massage Therapist and Hot Stone Massage Therapist. Read more about my background here. 

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