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2 x piano book (paperpack): "JOULUN TAIKAA" & "Tree Of Life Piano Roots" (FIN)
  • 2 x piano book (paperpack): "JOULUN TAIKAA" & "Tree Of Life Piano Roots" (FIN)




    Tree Of Life Roots - Pianonsoiton Alkeet  (FIN)


    This book includes 27 most loved Christmas songs arranged for Beginners' (for example Oh Holy Night, Winter Wonderland, Maa on niin kaunis, Jingle Bells etc) plus the basic music theory to help so that anyone can learn to play. Many songs have lyrics as well (mainly Finnish, some English and even one Swedish) so that the whole family/crew can enjoy the book . 



    Joulupuu on rakennettu

    Koska meillä on joulu

    Joulu tullut on

    Tuiki, tuiki tähtönen


    Joulu on taas

    Nyt syttyy valot tuhannet

    Maa on niin kaunis

    Porsaita äidin oomme kaikki

    We Wish You A Merry Christmas

    Varpunen jouluaamuna

    Heinillä härkien kaukalon

    Jouluyö, juhlayö

    Sinivuorten yö

    No, onkos tullut kesä?

    Hei, tonttu-ukot


    Tonttujen jouluyö

    Auld Lang Syne

    Kilisee, kilisee kulkunen

    Joulun kellot

    Kuului laulu enkelten

    Sankta Lucia (Pyhä Lucia)

    The First Nowell

    Jingle Bells

    Winter Wonderland

    Oh Holy Night

    This is a perfect piano book for first piano lessons and also suitable for fun and effective self-study. 

    The book is in Finnish for now. If you are interested in the book in English, message me.


    "Why a Christmas piano book? I have dreamed of making a Christmas-themed piano book for a long time. I love Christmas - especially the time before Christmas, the thrill of waiting for something so magical. The excitement in the air. Smell of gingerbread and hyacinth (="The smell of happiness" as my daughter calls hyacinths). Candles. Christmas lights. Candlelit concerts. Sharing Christmas spirit with strangers in the grocery store or on a dog walk. Gratitude for the loved ones in your life. Playing Christmas songs with my piano students and talking about our Christmas traditions - and making new ones. 

    This book is dedicated to my amazing students who have inspired me year after year and shared their Christmas magic with me and to my kids who I love the most in the world; who share my huge love for the Christmas season. 

    Anyone can learn to play Christmas carols with this beginner's book. Some of the songs are marked with hand positions and exact finger sequences to support learning the songs. My hope is that with the help of this book, as many beginner pianists as possible will learn to play wonderful, familiar Christmas songs and thus be able to spread the Christmas spirit to their loved ones.

    I wish you the joy of learning and endless Christmas magic with this book.

    With love,




    Tree Of Life Piano Roots - Pianonsoiton Alkeet (FIN).  Paperback. 


    "I got the idea to make this book after I had already written half of it. A couple of years ago I started to write songs for my own piano students, I wanted to write fun and fresh songs that were aligned with my pedagogical style. When I had written over 15 songs and basic music theory guides for my students, I realized that I’m going to make a book based on the materials I had created. And here we are! Most of my students started playing piano as a 7- to-10 -year-old so I wanted to create a beginners’ book that is ideal for primary school children. It's quite fun for adults as well to learn to play through such light-hearted beginners’ book as this one. I'm sure your "inner child" will be delighted! So your whole family can learn to play together with this book.

    The content is designed so that anyone can start playing piano with this book, even if they don't take piano lessons. I use finger numbering and mark the position of the hand in each song as I have found that with almost 20 years of teaching experience, these work really well to in the beginning. This way the students learn very quickly to play even if they can't read all the notes in the beginning.

    The songs in this book are fun, different, and tested and accepted by my own students. For example the ”Pikajuna” ie. ”Express Train” was a legend at birth, almost all my students will surely know it by heart for the rest of their lives! There are a couple of popular bonus tracks at the end of the book: Harry Potter and Batman! "

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